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4/22/2022: Model-free, Model-based, and General Intelligence: Learning Representations for Acting and Planning, Hector Geffner, ICREA & Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

4/7/2022: CVRP Through Reinforcement Learning, Julio Godoy, University of Concepción

3/25/2022: Selecting the best algorithm to solve the vehicle routing problem in the plane with unit demands, Olivier Goldschmidt and Isaías Huerta Vargas

3/11/2022: An overview of per-instance algorithm selection, Roberto Asín, University of Concepcion

2/25/2022: Deep learning in real-world wildlife recognition, Zhongqi Miao, University of California, Berkeley

2/4/2022: Review of: Auto-WEKA: Automatic Model Selection and Hyperparameter Optimization in WEKA, Serena Cheng, University of California, Berkeley

1/20/2022: Automatic Binary Classification, Alexis Espinoza, Diego Henríquez and Catalina Pezo, University of Concepcion

1/6/2022: Flexible HNC: A graph-based learning method that relies on pairwise similarities and its capability to handle label noise, Tor Nitayanont, University of California, Berkeley

12/16/2021: Multi-Agent Path Finding and Its Applications, Sven Keonig, University of Southern California

12/9/2021: A systematic evaluation of heuristics for Max-Cut and QUBO, Swati Gupta, Georgia Institute of Technology

12/3/2021: Convolutional Neural Networks, Julio Godoy, University of Concepción

11/11/2021: Multi-Agent Path Finding: A New Boolean Encoding, Roberto Asín, University of Concepcion

10/21/2021: Learned Data Structures, Alexander Irribarra, University of Concepción

10/8/2021: Sparse computation as a compact representation of datasets, Dorit Hochbaum, University of California, Berkeley

9/24/2021: Autoencoders for sparse data compression, Julio Godoy, University of Concepción

9/9/2021: An overview of Compact Data Structures, José Fuentes, University of Concepción

8/26/2021: Using AI to select a TSP algorithm of best performance for a given computing time limit, Isaias Huerta, University of Concepción